Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Locksmith-header-1038x250Informatique35 may be a strange name for a business and a website – even the owner, James J. Hostetler, admits as much, but the website is still a great resource for locksmith information.

As James says “This is a site for locksmiths to write about whatever they like! I am giving them a mouthpiece to vent if they want, tell everybody what they like and what really annoys them. They can discuss new locksmith techniques or new marketing and customer service ideas. Whatever they want.”

I don’t know if many locksmiths really want to “vent”, but this website is a great place to add your tips and advice if you are a locksmith and promote your business to the wider community.

James is based in Erie, Michigan, but the website is being promoted throughout the USA. So if you are a locksmith anywhere in the States I suggest you get on this site, contribute and help promote your business.

You can contact James by phone on 734-848-3612, email at admin@informatique35.com, or by writing to him at 386 Eagle Drive
Erie, MI 48133.

We all know that locksmith businesses need as much online promotion as they can get these days, so why not send him an article with a great tip for readers about home security or getting locked out of their car, or some other lock problem. He will let you include a backlink to your own website, which will help you to rank your website and get more customers into your business.

So go for it!!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Locksmith Secrets

car-locksmith1IYVPLUS10 is a strange name for a personal blog writing about locksmiths. However, the website www.iyvplus10.org is highly recommended if you have even a passing interest in the trade of locksmiths or just want some plain speaking advice on how to protect your home properly or how to spot a fake locksmith.

The main writer is Mark Mitchell, a locksmith from Webber in Kansas. He has been a locksmith in the nearby area of Jewell County for over 10 years, and has seen all the tricks in the book in his time, or so he thought!

He has set up this blog to share his experiences, provide some much-needed security advice and provide a forum for other locksmiths to share their experiences.

“I thought I had seen it all in the locksmith industry,” says Mark, “but once I started receiving stories from some of my colleagues, I began to realise that there is much more to being a locksmith than I had ever imagined”.

If you would like to contribute to the website, please contact Mark on 785-753-8753, by email at admin@iyvplus10.org or by writing to him at 3085 Dog Hill Lane, Webber, KS 66970.

Sunday, 11 January 2015